OMEZER Hair clipper Facial Hair Small Grooming Scissors For Men Women

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  • Versatile and Useful: This scissor is suitable for all types of beard and mustache and it also can be used for trimming eyelashes, eyebrow, and nose hair amongst other growths of hair in different parts of the body.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The ergonomic design of the handle that is oval shaped helps in proper grip in the fingers. The design comes with a 15 degree incline. It sits comfortably on the finger tips and will not hurt the skin. The wide finger holes make it easy to slide the scissors into the thumb and other fingers. There are many left-handed men who are also comfortable using this scissors
  • Round Tip: It’s round-tipped and this does help quite a bit in making trimming a painless and comfortable process
  • Well Balanced and Firm: Both the parts of the scissors are perfectly balanced in terms of shape, design and weight. The riveting work that is done to keep both the parts of the scissors in place is also good. This helps the scissors to give the right kind of balance and there is no risk of under-cutting or over-cutting of the beard of mustache.
  • High Quality Material: Since scissors used by men will touch sensitive parts of the skin like the beard, nose, eye-lashes and other areas, the material has to be the best quality. Hawatour scissor is made from one of the finest qualities of stainless steel. While being tough and durable, it also is fully corrosion and rust free. Hence, it will continue to remain in good shape and new for a long period of time.
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3 reviews for OMEZER Hair clipper Facial Hair Small Grooming Scissors For Men Women

  1. Kacper

    These scissors are a little expensive but worth every penny! Nicely weighted and feel good in the hand. Comes with various sized rubber thumb gaskets for good fit and comfort.

    I appreciate that the seller included an insert explaining the process for maintaining the scissors by oiling them, it also came with oil! The box is nicely padded for storage.

    They cut through the thickest hair like butter! The movement of the blades is smooth and precise. They feel well balanced. I have scissors the same price I bought at a beauty supply chain that can’t compare!

  2. Edwin Castillo

    Having recently had the pleasure of purchasing and utilizing their cutting scissors, my confidence in Aerolite’s product was high upon the arrival of their thinning shears. It was difficult to find good quality (true) left hand scissors/shears at a reasonable price until I came across this company. They hit the market right in the sweet spot in terms of pricing, but match the high end market in terms of their quality, which is all anyone can really ask for.

    As far as the actual shears go, they feel fantastic. The 40 teeth allow for great texture/thinning, and I was again pleasantly satisfied with how much more efficient they were than my current low-end pair, which were not horrible by any means.

    I suppose the phrase “You never know what you’re missing unless you try something different” is appropriate here, so do yourself a favor, and purchase from this company. You’ll be glad you did.

  3. Aris

    Blending scissors cut like butter!

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