Chinese purchasing agents support Amazon sellers

We provide complete services for Amazon sellers, including custom packaging, Amazon labels, FBA shipping and more.

Product purchase
Email us what you want to buy. When you come to China, we can take you to markets and factories.

FBA Services
We provide one-stop services including product sourcing, inspection, labeling, packaging services and shipping to FBA Amazon warehouse.

We are working with different sea and air companies. We also handle customs declarations for you in China.

How to work with us
Please feel free to send us inquiries including your email, quantity, products, etc. We will reply you via email within 24 hours.

Send us your request
Email us what you want to buy.

Quote on your request
We will mail you different prices through different factories.

Confirmation and advance payment
30% in advance after confirming the order.

Commodity production
Start production according to your requirements.

Cargo inspection
We will check your goods before shipment.

Commodity Report
Your shipment report will be emailed depending on your details.

Balance payment
After everything is correct, the balance payment is 70%.

Arrangements for delivery
Clear customs and arrange shipment.
What are our strengths?

Before working with us, you may find several Chinese manufacturers on the Internet. However, you still think you have no one, because you don’t know which one will be your right supplier.

You may be frustrated by talking to your supplier in China for several months, but not moving forward. You need someone from China who understands Chinese culture and can “act as your ears and ears” to get more accurate information and help you determine who is the right supplier.

Ten years experience
2,000+ satisfied customers
5-10% service fee
99% satisfied
5,000 or more
50K products

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, trust is very important. We offer 2 free trial orders free of charge. We will help you to inspect all the goods and inspect the goods according to your requirements. After the inspection is complete, we will send all your product reports to your email. We are convinced that we can provide you with the best service and hope to build a long-term business.

Because we are a local business, we have a greater advantage than you at a lower price, such as a 15% -35% reduction at your price. We are dedicated to helping foreign small and medium-sized companies find valuable suppliers in China.

It is our pleasure to work with you. First, we offer 2 free trial orders, then other orders charge a 3% service fee. We believe that the 3% service fee is very reasonable. This is your eyes looking at your products in China.

We can purchase any products according to your requirements. Just email us your request details via email: such as product photos, quantity, color, size, product data, delivery time, etc. We will provide purchasing details within 24 hours. time is money .

Of course, we know that Amazon is very popular now, and we also provide a full range of services for Amazon sellers, including custom packaging, Amazon labels, FBA shipping and more. We are the best Amazon purchasing agent for sellers worldwide.

We accept bank transfers. 30% advance payment and balance before shipment.

Although our customers rarely choose to travel to China in person, some customers choose to visit their partner factories in China. For these customers, we can accompany them to visit their Chinese suppliers and provide translation and cultural assistance during the visit.

Finally, we will also help you inspect and arrange shipping.

It is not always necessary to send samples to China. It is best to provide us with sample drawings in CAD or 3D. Details should also be clearly given, such as dimensions, photos, etc. Once we have sample details, we will help you find the source as soon as possible.

Of course, almost all customers require us to arrange shipments for them. Because we can handle the customs clearance procedures for you and ensure that you can receive the goods on time. We also work with reliable logistics agents who can deliver to your door.

Yes, I am happy to arrange it for you. Please let us know your business travel information, and then we can help you book a hotel based on your schedule.

Yes, please tell us your product requirements, then we can help you discuss MOQ with the supplier. No small orders, no big orders!

If you decide to visit China during the Canton Fair. Please feel free to contact us to help you book your hotel before the Canton Fair, as it is difficult to book a hotel during the Canton Fair.