Amazon Sourcing Agent was established in May 2014 by Guangzhou Mallcent Information Technology Co., Ltd. and is a Chinese purchasing agent registered in Guangzhou, China. Currently, the company has 9 employees in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan.
Last year, the company purchased more than $ 1.2 million worth of products and placed more than 200 orders. The growth process continues …

Amazon sourcing agent
Amazon sourcing agent

I hope that the purchasing agent is committed to helping buyers purchase from China. Because Amazon sourcing agent  has headquartered in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan in China, we provide product procurement and quality inspection services at a cost-effective price.

There are many benefits to importing from China, but one of the biggest problems faced by importers is finding a reliable suppliers. This is where we can help:
* We use only qualified suppliers
* We guarantee product quality
* We make sure to give you priority service
* We set competitive prices
* We provide a complete set of resources to meet your needs.

It is important that we provide continuous and effective communication, and we work with you to achieve your goals without increasing your budget.

We make sure that the products you order are produced and delivered on time, as expected. In fact, one of the main problems is the inability to rely on many Chinese factories to produce reliable orders, and the demand for mass-produced products may lead to a lack of quality control. This is what makes Maple Sourcing special: we have quality control experts there who take all the steps to ensure your order is made to the required standard.

There are many Chinese sourcing companies, but we hope that our procurement is excellent, rather than your company adapting to the needs of the purchasing agent in China, we will meet your requirements and make everything you want come true. We take care of everything, including:
* Product purchase
* Order processing
* Logistics and FBA services.

We are a reliable Amazon purchasing agent and we do not charge suppliers fees or any hidden costs. Everything is transparent, which ensures that you get not only the best service but also the lowest price. If you have any questions, please consult immediately!

We hope purchasing agent hand purchase
Experts to ensure a complete hands-on understanding of your needs and goals.
We provide a one-stop portal for companies seeking to establish their own company
Make production and procurement more cost-effective by making processes more process-oriented
Efficient when buying products made in China. Hope the purchasing agent provides
OEM design and development provide comprehensive procurement services
(Original Equipment Manufacturer) Quality Control and Delivery of Items

Amazon sourcing agent provides complete disclosure

Suppliers, prices and all relevant information used in the decision making process
deal with.

Amazon sourcing agent proud to help
Its customers buy from China instead of marking products for resale. Simultaneously Some will choose to contact the factory directly with Amazon esourcing agents from Experience shows that although 95% of customers continue to use their services Have access to factory information.

Hope the purchasing agent for Amazon believes in full
Transparent and open.

Amazon sourcing agents are experienced
Sales team that can help optimize Chinese supplier identification
And price negotiation.

Amazon sSurcing Agent Hires Industry Leader
Practices developed from years of experience to ensure suppliers
Pre-certified for quality and reliability.

Amazon sourcing agents experienced in China
A quality control (QC) team familiar with all aspects of the QC process from sample development to production control and final inspection.

They have years of training and can Implement quality control processes or work with customers to develop custom processes, where need.

Shipping and logistics


Hope that the purchasing agent logistics team attaches great importance
Experienced and can often save up to 80% on shipping costs.


This can be achieved through efficiency Extensive experience in delivery control and long-term cooperation with customs Chinese ports.

Let Amazon purchasing agent make your Chinese purchase story was successful.


More information about Chinese products Purchasing Purchasing services are as follows:

purchasing method:

– Quotation and supplier selection

– Factory audit

New samples and prototypes

development of:

– Placement of sample processing orders and
Product control


-Product control

– Preload check and load

– Payment process and control

Transportation and logistics management:

– Delivery in China and warehousing in China

–China Customs and China Shipping