FBA Shipping

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) process has specific preparation requirements that sellers need to meet before sending the inventory to their fulfillment centers. The process includes proper packaging of the products for shipment, as well as product labeling using their FNSKUs.

Amazon also imposes a preparation fee on items that are not properly packaged or labeled, adding charges that could be avoided with proper preparation.

Amazon Sourcing Agent handles preparation and packaging that fits FBA requirements on your behalf, saving you from the trouble and worry. Our fulfillment team has the knowledge and experience needed to properly package your products that meet Amazon’s standards. Our process assures that each item is secured and will ship out successfully from the FBA every time. Additional labels are also placed on the packaging as required, like “sold by set” or “choking hazard” to comply with fulfillment center standards.

Your products can also be sent directly to Amazon fulfillment centers from our warehouse, cutting the time and resources needed for additional shipments. We arrange the shipment, calculate the costs, and provide you all the details in a simple document. Multiple products can also be scheduled to ship at the same time, maximizing each delivery to your favor.