Products Inspection

Not all manufacturers provide consistent products all the time, and low-quality product can negatively affect customer experience. Inspecting every product can cost time and resources, with returns and replacements being a costly hassle. Take advantage of having an on-site partner that can review both the products you receive and the facility where they are made.

To ensure the quality of each product you receive and sell, Amazon Sourcing Agent offers an intensive pre-shipment quality inspection service for free. Products are taken out from their packaging and checked to make sure they match product descriptions and are functioning as intended. Packaging and documents included also undergo an inspection, making sure that the necessary labels and warnings are shown where appropriate. Additionally, our inspection team will perform an ocular visit to the manufacturer’s factory and run tests based on the agreed specifications between you and our team.

Results of both the factory visit and product inspections are sent to you via email so you are updated on the inspection process. Each report comes complete with a pass or a fail inspection score, comments detailing the observations, and pictures from the products and the factory. The inspection process is done before payment completion, so you are assured you pay only for the best products.