Amazon newbies come to see how to make store products out of order

For many new sellers who have just entered Amazon, how to make store products quickly issue orders is the primary problem in front of them.

As we all know, Amazon is a platform where traffic is king. If the seller’s store does not have considerable traffic, there will naturally be no sales. No matter how good the product quality is, it will not help.

How can we get more traffic to the Amazon store to increase product sales?

First. Product listing optimization

In terms of the listing, sellers need to determine how many keywords should be covered in the title and whether these keywords are accurate.

In addition, the five-point description and product description in the product detail page should also add as many relevant keywords as possible. The filling of these keywords will also increase the probability of the listing being searched.

If the product optimization is not in place and the keyword matching is not high, even though a large number of advertising promotions, the sales of B products will still not increase because of the low click-through rate and conversion rate.

second. In-site advertising promotion

For new sellers or sellers who have just launched new products, the most important way to attract traffic is to promote on

For example, automatic advertising is the first choice for sellers after new products are put on the shelves. It can quickly help sellers identify whether the keywords in the listing are accurate and effective. At the same time, the orders from the ads will play a positive role in the weight and ranking of the listing.

After that, by filtering the keywords with obvious effects in automatic advertisements, automatic advertisements are used for promotion, which will also save some costs and increase natural traffic.

third. Off-site promotion

Promote products through third-party platforms such as Tik Tok, Facebook, and YouTube. These platforms are open to Amazon sellers and have no barriers to entry.

It should be emphasized that when storing traffic increases, but product sales do not increase much, then this traffic will not have any positive effect on sellers, and will even reduce store conversion rates, resulting in fluctuations in product rankings.

fourth. Participate in the Amazon Vine program

After participating in the Amazon Vine program, sellers can send their products to certain Amazon buyers, and these consumers will make corresponding product reviews after obtaining the products.

In the case of low store traffic in the early stage, sellers can try to participate in this program to obtain customer resources. As the listing reviews gradually increase, the natural store traffic will also increase.

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