How to choose products? This method is necessary for Amazon sellers

In Amazon’s operations, the key to creating explosive models lies in product selection.

If you choose the wrong product, no matter how hard you try, it will be in vain. No amount of advertising can save your order.

Therefore, if you want to create a hot style, the first thing to do is to polish the product selection process.



So how do you choose products? Today I will share with you one of the many selection methods-holiday selection methods. To

The festival selection method can bring profits more quickly and easily, but due to the special time attribute of the festival, reasonable planning should be made when selecting products.

1. Use tools to analyze heat trends

Let’s take H10 tool as an example to teach you how to choose festive products:

Step 1: Open H10 to find blackbox——products.



Step 2: Enter holiday keywords in Title Keyword Search.



Step 3: Set the numerical value of some key indicators to screen suitable products

1. Best sales period Best sales month: Choose the season, holiday or month you want to sell. When setting, you can move the time forward 1-2 years

2. Sales: above 2000

3. Review: 4.3 stars and above

4. Sales changs 90-day sales increase percentage: more than 100%

PS: According to your own needs, you can also choose suitable categories and sales year over year settings.




Step 4: After selecting the products according to the indicators, select suitable holiday categories according to the sales growth trend.

Use keywords to search the Amazon front desk for these filtered products to see the situation of the same category, and to inquire about the overall market quotation.

According to the sales growth curve, the product is verified, and then it is matched with the budget, and then the advertising strategy of pricing and marketing methods is designed.




2. Choose a good product and put it on the shelf in advance

Be prepared for lisiting before the holiday or holiday begins. Don’t wait until the holiday season to rush into new ones, and leave a warm-up period for the products so that they can sell out in the season.

Before the holiday, I started to polish the product listing, including the title, product main image, A+ page, five-point description, etc.


3. Accumulate a certain review before the holiday

You need to make sure to accumulate enough reviews before the product demand reaches its peak. The more praise your product has, the higher the chance that it will appear on the homepage.

Don’t ignore the importance of reviews, and deal with negative reviews in a timely manner.

4. Be prepared for sufficient inventory

Stock up before the increase in product demand and deliver your inventory to the Amazon logistics center in advance. Once the demand starts to increase, it can be shipped immediately.

Due to the time-specific nature of holiday-themed products, replenishment should be made accordingly according to demand. If you still have surplus inventory at the end of the holiday season, you can clear the inventory at a later stage, or return the inventory in the Amazon warehouse.

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