Baccen Bowls 32 Oz Cone Shape Porcelain Bowl for Cereal White Wholesale

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  • A Perfect Match for Cereal Lovers And The Soup Season: The deeper and wider design makes stirring very easy. Meeting daily personal needs like fruit, cereal, soup, udon or other dishes.without a refill.
  • Excellent Stability and Space Saving: The flat bottom design can stand firmly in the cabinet, keep away from the sound of shaking tableware. Easily stack without taking up a lot of space in the cabinet.
  • Modern and Classic Fusion: Cone shape with a classic white made porcelain your daily life into a depth of concise design, perfectly matches your existing dinnerware and kitchen style.
  • Quality & Healthy:  the top grade porcelain with FDA approved, your family can use it in the dishwasher/microwave/oven/refrigerator anytime.
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  • Size: 7 Inches (L) * 2.7 Inches (H)
  • Capacity: 30 oz – 32 oz
  • They are using top-quality ceramics as raw materials and just a beautiful white makes them more elegant and easy to match.
  • Ideal Capacity and Unique Appearance inspires creativity and possibilities, results in a more aesthetic meal presentation while meeting the daily diet needs.
  • lead-free
  • non-toxic
  • dishwasher safe
  • oven safe
  • freezer safe
  • Stack well in the cupboard, due to their flat bottoms! Make it safer and more convenient for easy access.

    Classic and elegant, turdy and curvy, they communicate the quality and artisan craftsmanship.

    The deep and wider of the top is easy to clean by your hands with soap and hot water or in the dishwasher.


5 reviews for Baccen Bowls 32 Oz Cone Shape Porcelain Bowl for Cereal White Wholesale

  1. Barbara Arnett

    First off I love the color!! Secondly its a big bowl but lightweight, so it’s easy to hold.
    It’s stable with a good base to prevent spills.
    Its a great size for salad or ice cream but I use it for pasta… Its my new favorite bowl. It would make a nice gift too…

  2. Kassie

    Great bowls. Very good quality, beautiful color. Now my son eats mostly from these bowls.

  3. Michael Bridge

    Bowls are bowls, yes, but I’m glad I purchased these. No complaints about them at all

  4. Barbara (store manager)

    what’s to say, I think everyone know what baccen is. My husband and I received baccen when we got married 42 years ago and we are still using it. It survives most everything, except being dropped on a ceramic floor. At one point, I bought a set of “real dishes”. it wasn’t long before I realized how great baccen is. it doesn’t take up much room, doesn’t kill your hands to carry, microwaves well, cleans easy. it is the dish of choice! Got rid of those “real dishes” and now only have baccen again. I gave away some of my baccen bowls to a friend who needed everything and between that and the tile floor taking out a few bowls I needed to replace some bowls. Highly recommend

  5. Yobana (store manager)

    Actual bowls just as expected. However they look like they may have been used before or like something has spilled on them. Can’t contact seller as based in USA, but pleased that I have been fully refunded by Amazon UK. Would appreciate hearing from seller.

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