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How to Source Wholesale Products From China and Selling On Amazon FBA

How to get along with Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)?

Today, this is a shocking question. Generally, Amazon always sets higher standards for the quality of product sales on its website. Seller performance goals are a vivid example. However, many Amazon sellers have found a way to sell products imported from Chinese manufacturing companies. And why don’t they do this? They are cheap and can be purchased in bulk. However, the problem persists in shipment. Of course, importing goods from China to Amazon warehouses is not easy. Complex, but it is not impossible.

In the following, we will discuss the perfect way to import an Amazon FBA fulfillment center.

amazon sourcing agent
amazon sourcing agent



Explore ways to sell products on Amazon FBA

Choose products you want to sell on the Amazon store

There are hundreds of product categories, what to choose for your business?


This is an obvious problem, because success depends entirely on it. Amazon has repeatedly stated the fact that all products may be different, although most of them are similar. In fact, some Chinese manufacturing companies produce the same products with different labels. As it happens, you can find many options to choose from. Having a purchasing agent proficient in FBA specifications in China will help you. Their contact with top Chinese suppliers that meet these specifications will further assist in preparation, inspection and verification in accordance with FBA standards.

The main purpose of research and investigation is to provide important information. Shouldn’t you sell the best product on the market? What are these products? You must identify them through market research and surveys. Later, when you identify these categories, it becomes easier to import products that bring you huge sums of money.


Unique design of private label products


It’s time to make a unique product with a logo-it must be unique. This way you will avoid the chance of confusion with others. The supplier on the other side will help you achieve this. First, design a logo for your own brand product. It doesn’t cost much and you can have what you want. If the vendor offers some incredible options, then you should consider and check if it is right for you. After you select the logo, print it on the carton and packaging of the product.

Get help from a Amazon freight forwarder


Do you know freight forwarders? You must know at least one. Freight forwarding is your best choice. Bringing products from one country to another is a daunting task. Since these freight forwarders understand international transport laws, they are the best candidates for logistics arrangements. Don’t forget the capabilities of Chinese suppliers. Yes, they can help you find a reliable freight forwarder. This is not a problem if you are not allowed to import and export from other countries, as a third party consignee agent can do the work for you. Whether it is Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Ningbo or other cities, reliable Chinese purchasing agents will get help from the best Amazon FBA freight forwarders.


Find a Chinese Manufacturing Company


Let us correct it. You should find a reliable manufacturing company in China. Yes, if you do an accurate survey, there will be a big difference between them. Your goal is simple-find and sell a reliable product at a low price. This is the only thing that will make you a lot of money. Otherwise, you will know what will happen. Chinese manufacturer wholesale websites platform for you to find suppliers yourself. To save time and money, it’s a good idea to ask for help from a China purchasing agent.

Percentage criteria set for Amazon FBA:

Order failure rate should be less than 1%.
The cancellation rate before completion should be less than 2.5%.
The delayed shipment rate should be less than 4%.

Failure to meet these goals of seller performance will deprive your seller of privileges.

Product samples play a key role

How do you determine the product?

Eventually, the above questions will come to your mind. You never take risks. After consulting with 2 or 3 suppliers, you can request samples. Evaluating them based on quality, appearance and performance will provide accurate reports. Usually, people will choose a lower-priced product, but this is not a good idea. If you want to be impressed with your product, you have identified the fact of the product to be sold on the market. Let your conscience help you make a decision. Also, if the sample does not match the details you requested, simply request another sample.

Product Manufacturing and Quality Control

Once you have verified the product quality and determined the price yourself, you can start making down payments. In the next stage, outstanding quality control measures are needed. Obviously, you can’t personally check if the imports are too small, as this will cause expensive costs. Instead, you will have a third-party company for product inspections. Remember that all of this must happen before the consignment arrives at an Amazon-designated warehouse. Fortunately, Amazon sourcing agent provides quality control and inspection services to make your life easier.

Purchasing agent transportation

Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouse

Because freight forwarders ship goods by different means (aircraft or ship), it is important that the packaging must meet Amazon FBA requirements before loading. Importantly, freight forwarders can also provide this service. It includes inspection of products in accordance with Amazon rules and regulations.

Start your Amazon business

The above process may seem too long and tedious, but when we say that these processes will be fruitful for you and your business in making money, trust us. With a good reputation, your label will win customer loyalty. This is because we want to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality products and maintain good relationships with our suppliers.

If you have any questions about importing from China and selling on Amazon FBA, please contact us, the best Amazon sourcing agent in China for help.