Penkap Roller Ball Pen Gift

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  • Smart, polished and established designs meet a modern, tapered silhouette
  • Glossy black lacquer finish complemented with gold trims and the signature  arrow clip
  • Rollerball tip delivers an effortlessly smooth, consistent flow of ink onto paper
  • A comfortable and ergonomic shape is paired with superior  craftsmanship to evoke the brand’s rich heritage
  • An affordable yet sophisticated gift, your roller pen is presented in a PENKAP gift box with a black ink refill (Ink is in the box beneath the pen)


A Superb Writing Experience

Our pens use the Schmidt liquid ink system. This is superior to gel ink pens and combines the convenience of a ballpoint with the ink feel of a fountain pen. You will appreciate the smooth writing style and our pens are perfect for beautiful calligraphy.


Exquisite Presentation Gift Box

The pen is beautifully presented and a hidden compartment underneath holds a spare refill. Whether for an anniversary, for Christmas, for a birthday or simply for yourself, whoever receives this pen will be delighted. If you are looking for the perfect gift for any occasion, look no further!



✔️ One Rollerball Pen (35.5g including cap) with installed Schmidt Fine 0.6mm black refill

✔️ One Presentation Gift Box

✔️ One spare Schmidt Fine 0.6mm black refill in envelope under pen tray



Buy With Total Peace of Mind!

We are so confident that you will love your Scriveiner pen that we offer a 100% manufacturer guarantee. Simply register your purchase and you are free to return your pen within 365 days for a no questions asked replacement. And, if you return it within the first 30 days we guarantee a full refund.


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3 reviews for Penkap Roller Ball Pen Gift

  1. Herbert fan

    Bought as gift for wife who works late in clinic. Impressed by the reviews and images of the Bastion over the slew of these things on the market now and took a chance. Arrived today and awed everyone who are now considering purchase. However, after got home and tried it out, the bolt handle knob was loose and bound up the action. It wiggles and turns freely but this doesn’t seem to be designed to do so as it jams the bolt. The fit and finish otherwise are amazing! The barrel/cap joint seam is invisible till its opened to access ink and disappears when it is screwed back which itself is pretty awesome. It wrote incredibly smooth and the weight drives the pen across the paper.
    I want one of these for myself and planned to get one for each of my sons in college but I’m put off by the bolt handle problem – really disappointing especially considering the beauty of this pen.
    Overall rating gets 3 stars for the letdown after the fast delivery and good initial impression. Value and Comfort are all the way and Durability is moot if it doesn’t work.
    I submitted a return/exchange and we’ll see if this was just a quirk – although some other reviews gave the same issue. Will follow up after exchange.

  2. Dizz Pizz

    Awesome pen. Replaced the cartridge immediately with a Fisher fine point cartridge, and it fit as well as the one it came with without having to drill the tip. Tiiiiiny bit of play at the tip, more than necessary for it to operate smoothly, but not enough for it to feel sloppy, very, uh… luxurious pen experience. Lol

    Fit and finish on the outside is hawt, inside is definitely just rough milled. Other people have said operating the pen feels kinda gritty, but it smooths out after you operate it a few dozen times.

    It’s pretty heavy, and kinda top heavy, at that. Probably wouldn’t write a book with it, but you could if you wanted.

    The only thing that sucks is that if you play with it a lot and let the bolt just slam up all the time, especially when you’re retracting the pen, the bolt handle gets bent forward a bit. Still in there pretty tight, still works and everything, but… ya know… it’s bent a bit and you can see it and it kinda sucks, and that’s the only thing that sucks about it.

  3. Matthew G.

    I love the pen casing but the ink cartridge leaked and the metal piece at the end broke off and the tip was floppy and unable to use to write with. I went to order a refill and see all sorts of negative comments that the refills are bad, maybe knock offs and not actual Parker, and they leaked, wrote scratchy etc. So I am a bit irritated as I spent a lot on this pen for business needs. The pen barrel is lovely and elegant but the pen is really only as good as the ink cartridge and so far it is a strike out.

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